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Asian Tea Blossom Bundle

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This bundle includes a Asian Tea Blossom Hemp Argan Body Butter, a Bar Soap, Bath Salts, and Wax Melts.  A $39.50 value if purchased separately.  

The Hemp and Moroccan Argan Oil Body Moisturizing Body Butter is a silky-smooth and quickly melts into your skin to hydrate and restores softness. Great for normal skin and dry skin to soothe and an all-over skin care program. Experience one of the world's rarest and most beneficial extracts with Argan Oil, it is a remarkable anti-aging extract that protects against free radicals and the degradation of collagen. This special nutritive and regenerative property leaves skin wonderfully soft and supple with a refreshed tone.  

The fragrance is a graceful blend of Japanese Cherry Blossom, Asian pear, fresh mimosa petals, white jasmine & blushing sandalwood. This Body Butter will moisturize naturally and leave it feeling luxuriously supple and soft and smelling wonderful. 8 ounce jar.

The all natural 100% vegan soap bar is handcrafted using the cold process technique and contains all-natural ingredients including Olive oil, Coconut oil, Organic Shea Butter and doesn't contain any parabens, palm oil nor sulfates. This soft and soothing handmade soap makes an amazing gift for those looking for a gentle yet nourishing all-natural soap bar. It produces a rich, thick lather that leaves your skin feeling clean and refreshed without drying it out thanks to its high Olive oil and Shea butter content.

Relax after a long hard day with a relaxing bath salt in your bath. Not only will this amazing and pleasant Asian tea Blossom aroma ease your tension away.

Our wax melts not only smell amazing, they also burn clean. These are not your typical store bought wax melts that lose their fragrance after just one burn.  Our fragrances are known to last until the very end to give you that quality melt you deserve.  Our wax melts are made from a Paraffin Soy Wax blend and top quality fragrance oils.  Wax Melts are a great alternative to burning candles.  They have no wick and with their low melting temperature they’re ideal for families with children and pets.

Always practice candle safety especially when burning wax melts. Our wax melts will go with any warmer and will leave you with hours of heavenly aromas.