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Sisleyouth Hydrating-Energizing Early Wrinkles Daily Treatment (For All Skin Types) 40ml/1.4oz

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Moisturizing is the key to supporting younger, more beautiful looking skin, for longer. Busy lifestyles, everyday stress, exposure to different pollutants. These factors have a direct and visible impact on the skin. SisleYouth Anti-Pollution is an energizing and super hydrating skin care that provides a solution to fight against negative impacts induced by all types of pollution: indoor, outdoor, and from new technology, linked to blue light. A unique fresh emulsion texture, that is silky with a velvety matte finish. Essential oils with stimulating properties provide a fresh and energizing scent. 1.3 oz. Made in France.


A powerful cocktail of anti-oxidant, anti-free radical and protective key ingredients help protect the skin from pollution. Its youthful look is preserved. The combined action of Ginseng extract, recognized for its energizing properties, and Kiwi extract, rich in minerals, improves the toned appearance of the skin and helps it to regain energy and vitality. The complexion looks more fresh and more luminous. The skin appears revitalized, as if it radiates new energy. Sisley's expert super moisturizing and nourishing key ingredients (plant-based sugar, Buckwheat seed extract and Shea butter) contribute to the proper hydration of the skin. Intensely moisturized, the skin glows, full of vitality.


Apply to face and neck, morning and evening.


Buckwheat seed extract: antioxidant; Ginkgo biloba leaf extract: anti-free radicals and protective; Pea extract: fortify the barrier function of the skin against pollutants; Vitamin E Acetate: antioxidant; Ginseng extract: energizing with toning properties; Kiwi extract: improves the skin's vitality; Plant-based sugar: hydrates; Shea butter: nourishes.


A pioneer of plant-based cosmetics, Sisley-Paris has been bringing a phytotherapy approach to beauty since its launch in 1976. Best-selling products combine skin-benefitting ingredients with highly effective plant extracts, from the Phyto-Lip Twist to the Sisleÿa L'Integral Anti-Age Cream.